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UVM Computer Science

CS 21 Group Placement Form

Which group is best for me?

  • The Green group will be for students who have little or no prior programming experience and/or wish a gentler pace in a supportive environment.

  • The Gold group will be for students who have prior programming experience or are more confident in their ability to pick up the material quickly.

Splitting the class into two groups allows us to provide a less intimidating environment for those new to programming, and at the same time provide a challenge to those with more experience or confidence. Both groups will be adequately prepared to move on to CS 110 (Intermediate Programming).

Please respond to all of the following questions. Upon clicking the "Submit" button, you will be presented with our group placement recommendation. While this is our recommendation, the decision is ultimately up to you to select the group of best fit for you and your learning style.

1 = Never
10 = Always

1 = Not at all
10 = Spock-like (very logical)

1 = When a problem arises with a computer application, I just stop using it
5 = I use a computer for a number of tasks, but sometimes have to get help
10 = I am a computer expert who can troubleshoot computer problems

1 = Gentle intro, please
10 = Challenge me!

1 = Not at all
10 = Absolutely

1 = Strongly agree
10 = Strongly disagree